The purpose of this policy is to outline the strategies and procedures revolving around our waiting list.


We aim to provide as many families as possible with their care and education needs.  Waiting lists quickly become inaccurate if they are not maintained consistently.  Waiting list times are extremely difficult to predict as they rely on so many variable factors. These include People wanting for days that are not on offer. (This means that the next person in line will be offered a space but will still remain on wait list). We also need to follow waiting list priority set down in legislation.

We have maximum capacity which is capped in accordance with ratios set down by legislation. As we do not have many children leave the centre, minimal spaces are offered throughout the year, with our large placement offer occurring in October /November for the January of the following year when our oldest children in the centre accept placement at schools.



Our waiting list is maintained in accordance with legislative requirements and is date stamped for priority in each subsection.


Periodically we will complete an email survey to request whether families wish to stay on our wait list. If a return email is not submitted it is assumed that the family no longer wishes a placement.


Families will receive two phone calls and an email to offer a placement, if there is no response within 2 days, the next person on the list will be contacted.


Date of placement on the wait list will determine order of priority on the wait list.


Families are required to register children for the waiting list via the enrolments menu on the Rainbow Valley website.

Families must ensure all details are entered correctly (especially child’s DOB). Upon completing and submitting a waiting list request the family will receive a confirmation email.

Auto wait list reminder emails are sent 3 monthly, it’s the families responsibility to action these emails and ensure all details are up to date.

Waiting list priority:

Children who have need to increase days that are existing clients at the service, whose parents are working.

Children who have siblings at the centre whose parents are working.

Full time working parents. (Both parents working).

Part time working parents. (Both parents working)

Children at risk.

Children who have need to increase their days or have siblings at the service whose parents are not working

Non working parents

It is our policy that we will always accommodate children who have to increase days and those with families within the centre.

Parents are asked to keep their contact details up to date at all times. Parents are encouraged to ring the centre if they do not wish to remain on our wait list. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the centre in October to confirm they still wish a place at the centre.

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The educators  and children at Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre wish to acknowledge and pay respects to the past, present and future traditional  elders of the land in which we work, play and learn.