Rainbow Valley’s Philosophy is built on Evidence based practice.  A philosophy is important in early childhood settings as it outlines the beliefs and understandings of all stakeholders. This helps us to define and guide our programs and practices. It helps to guide our pedagogy and support our understandings of our curriculums implementation.

Our philosophy is built upon 6 core values:

Respect – Compassion – Joy – Democracy – Responsibility – Trust

These values combine to directly lead into 6 philosophical statements which underpin our vision for our service and guide our ongoing reflection of our practices.


We believe that children are independent, unique inquisitive and competent individuals who deserve  Quality experiences each day.


Create Environments that are rich, full of quality materials and opportunities for investigation.   We want children to be responsible, make choices, and plan for and engage in play that interests them. We will endeavour to, create spaces that support children’s Responsibility and connectedness to nature,  encouraging them to find Joy,  wonder and beauty in the world and  in making new discoveries.  Providing spaces that enrich children’s physical, personal, social, emotional spiritual and cognitive opportunities for learning.


Learn through programs that support their play and their attempts to make meaning from the world. We see children and teachers as researchers, striving to investigate the world around them. They are making connections and theories about how things work and how trying to represent this thinking through play, art, music, drama and symbol making. We will endeavour to create educational opportunities that support children’s opportunities to be connected to the world and to experience, joy, and wonder in learning. Work democratically with children, collaboratively, building agency, making connections to and about their world, encouraging them to expand their own theories and understanding of how the world works. Create opportunities to learn about nature, culture and our community as well as understandings of themselves.


Have their thinking visible and respected through documentation. This explains what the children are doing and learning. We support children/ parents to take part in recording the process by making contributions, sharing and reading the learning journeys that children are making. We will endeavour to create collaborative documentation processes that encourage all partners responsible for children’s education, (educators, children, and families) an opportunity to contribute, reflect plan and construct learning. Making this process visible through multiple modes enables all to see and reflect on the child in relation to their journey.


Be viewed as competent people, who have their own identity and needs, with the right to their own pathway of learning. We want children to achieve to their own potential and be celebrated for who they are as individuals. We will endeavour to reflect on personal bias which may impinge on developing our own cultural competence and understandings of others. Be inclusive in building relationships with respect, trust, and compassion that supports the individual cultural identity for each family. Support children’s right to be included with equity and dignity in our programs. Celebrate the diverse culture within our community and foster pride in children’s developing understandings of Being Australia. Promote understandings of indigenous culture and be respectful as the first custodians of our land.

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The educators  and children at Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre wish to acknowledge and pay respects to the past, present and future traditional  elders of the land in which we work, play and learn.