Orientation and Enrolment Policy


The creation of a sense of belonging is integral to our philosophy and programs.  Developing partnerships with parents where all parties feel able to communicate honestly and effectively is essential to the understanding and development of a child. Orientation is a special  time as it is the first contact a family has with this service and it is the beginning of forming good relationships and partnerships.



To provide opportunities to share information and form partnerships.


To advocate for the polices and practices of the service.


To  foster attachment and a sense of belonging in to the service.


Welcome BBQ and Orientation. Families will get a chance to meet their educators talk informally and view their rooms. Welcome packs will be available.

There will be opportunities to discuss the philosophy, routines and to see the environment.

Orientation visits are encouraged for all children.

Parents are encouraged to visit the centre as many times as they wish before starting. Some children benefit from many short visits; others establish themselves with a morning visit. It is important that parents stay with their children during these visits as it helps to have a familiar adult to show them around the environment.

During the beginning of the year we have scheduled visits as well as informal visits.  If a child begins at other times of the year the teacher and parent may discuss a schedule of visits to suit the individual child.

First formal visit (after orientation visits)

We recommend a short stay for each Child’s first time at the centre without their families.

Partnership Meetings:


Parents will have a partnership meeting with the child’s teacher prior to starting. This helps teachers understand individual children and to understand parents expectations of our service


Parents are asked to help plan for their child’s settling in period by developing strategies that would suit individual children and families.


Parents are provided with information to help children settle into our service in their enrolment pack.


Children can experience separation anxiety for many different reasons. All cases should be taken seriously and a joint plan prepared to ease the child into this new environment.  For this reason some children may need a longer orientation than others, however ALL children should have some form of orientation and not be expected to just settle into our environment.

References: Seeds framework / Belonging Being and Becoming Policy introduced October 2006 / reviewed 12/10/2016

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The educators  and children at Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre wish to acknowledge and pay respects to the past, present and future traditional  elders of the land in which we work, play and learn.